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SXSW 2007

320 East 6th Street
AUSTIN, TX 78701
*poster by Travis 'Fudge' Millard

Two of Los Angeles' most delightfully unpredictable record labels, Cold Sweat and Buddyhead, present their current rosters for this year's cluster fuck of good times known as South by Southwest! These two notorious labels have teamed up before in Texas for SXSW and brought you parties in crack house neighborhoods, sleazed out skate ramps, and shithouse sports bars.... but not this year! Cold Sweat and Buddyhead are going official in 2007!!!

Now don't come expecting sideways haircuts, neon sweatshirts, ironic mustaches and eyeliner here. Hell no! Cold Sweat and Buddyhead bring you the best in 'Negative PMA’ (positive mental attitude). The night will feature a cavalcade of sound and volume-as well as surprise DJ sets, giveaways and according to promoters "A ton of ludes"!?! Go ahead and blow chunks but just don’t blow this! 'We Got This Thing On The Move" will prove to feature an eclectic and diverse frenzy that will leave you blissed out and buried with performances by the following:

SHAT (Buddyhead)

SHAT is the natural extension of idiot savant, true rebel icon, and underground porno star Jeff Wood. SHAT could quite possibly be our generations Bob Dylan, or perhaps James Taylor with a particular predilection for vernacular references to the more choice pieces of the female anatomy and a bullet lodged in his skull.

LORDS (Cold Sweat)

Lords are the heir apparent to the the Louisville throne. The town that spawned such greats as Slint, Crain, Bastro and Squirrel Bait has been busy raising new young. Its loudest child is that of Lords. The hybrid of early Black Flag, Corrosion of Conformity, Kinghorse crossed with kinetic contemporaries Coliseum, Ed Gein, and Doomriders . Much like their predecessors, Lords conjure up a creative and abusive sound based in punk, metal and hardcore.
The outcome is nothing less than pure power, dexterity and
volume (a lot of volume). Bring ear plugs and a diaper. You've been warned!

DEAD CHILD (Cold Sweat)

Dead Child (featuring David Pajo of Slint and members of For Carnation and Lords) unashamedly blaze new territory, not unlike groundbreaking metal purveyors Voivod did in the late 1980s. Their sound straddles the early days of British Heavy Metal (Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Budgie) and the multi dimensional world of current 'heavy rock' (The F*cking Champs, Saviours, Baroness) without being retro, kitsch or posturing for acceptance.


Once humorously described as “James Brown being violently hijacked by Gang of Four”, This Moment in Black History’s music is actually a potent mixture of classic punk guitars and an intense vocal undertaking, filtered through the “blackest” rhythm section in today’s current underground scene. These attributes are the key ingredients for the bands latest medley of humor, frustration, passion, and urgency, It Takes a Nation of Assholes to Hold Us Back. This most recent update of the band’s sound is a direct result of the band’s experiences.

PUSHER (Cold Sweat)

Think Die Kruezen at it's dirtiest, Laughing Hyenas in thier prime and Lil John partying up a storm. That's Pusher. Hailing from Lousiville, KY, Pusher features ex members of Breather Resist, Lords, LickGoldenSky and Coliseum. Pusher aren't looking to recreate the past, but head balls to the walls into the future. Fast and loud is the moto. Get Some.


Repetitious psychedelic dreams give way to flickering space synthesizers, as The Phantom Family Halo dig deep to create something fresh and vital out of something old and glorious. Think Syd Barrett and Scott Walker jamming with Hawkwind or the 13th Floor Elevators in the height of the 'Krautrock' frenzy.
Can you imagine? You don't have too. The Phantom Family Halo's upcoming debut long player 'The Legend Of Black Six' (on Cold Sweat Records) will put you in the cockpit of a journey into other worlds and dimensions of time. Harkening back to the trailblazers of the 60's and 70's, while fitting nicely within the nest of neo psyche brethren Dead Meadow, Six Organs Of Admittance or Bright Black Morning Light.


The Cassettes are Washington D.C.'s premier "vaudeville steam-punk" band. This "Musical Explorers Society" is fronted by Mr. Shelby Cinca, formerly the voice and guitar behind such notable D.C. groups as Frodus and Decahedron. He has also been the man responsible for recording various instantly classic D.C. indie albums such as Dead Meadow's first two full lengths. But don't be fooled into thinking there is any sort of punk/hardcore/post-punk tomfoolery happening here. The sound of The Cassettes strolls lavishly down the "Rocky Raccoon" / "Honey Pie" path that some could describe as synth-infused country stomp folk. Joining Shelby in his vision of pushing musical boundaries and expectations is Stephen Guidry on squeezebox and moog, Saadat Awan on drums and tablas, and an extensive cast of banjo, theremin, and saw players.

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