Thursday, February 08, 2007


Dead Child's self-titled EP is officially unleashed on the world.

A metal band whose sound brings forth echoes of Maiden, Judas Priest and early Metallica, Dead Child features David Pajo (Slint, Zwan, Early Man, Tortoise), Michael McMahan (The For Carnation, Phantom Family Halo, Starkiller), Tony Bailey (Lords, Crain, Brothers of Conquest, Anomoanon), Todd Cook (Shipping News, Crain, Brothers of Conquest, The For Carnation), and vocalist Dahm (Phantom Family Halo, Starkiller.)

Here's a sneak peek from the EP:
"Never Bet the Devil Your Head" mp3:

For more music and info:

And to adopt your own copy, click it here:


Catch Dead Child live at SXSW at the Cold Sweat/Buddyhead showcase
Thursday, March 15
The Blender Balcony Austin, TX

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