Friday, November 17, 2006


Here is a review that appeared in the current issue of Under The Volcano.....

This Moment In Black History “It Takes A Nation (of Assholes To Hold Us back)” (Cold Sweat, The name of this band and the name of this album alone made this CD mandatory listening for me. Next point of interest is the fact that Steve Albini recorded the album. Steve at his peak produces some of the noisiest recordings ever heard, and thankfully that applies to this post punk Ohio offering. Ohio has had it’s share of classic punk and post punk bands and these guys have really latched onto that Mojo. They have the energy of the Murder City Devils, the sensibility of a Crash Worship and the vocal sound of something you might find on K Records. This is exactly what I remember hearing the first time someone used the word “Alternative” on me. The early days of Sub Pop, bands like Pitchblende and Bratmobile. These guys have totally captured that filthy sound that defined a generation and made it fresh and relevant again. If you were into bands like Godheadsilo, Three Mile Pilot, or even any of the early Ohio bands like Rocket From The Tombs, this will be the lost style you have been craving. This Moment In Black History is the “Alternative” to Alternative rock. (CD)-Myk

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