Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Well, CMJ has come and gone.

This Moment In Black History stirred things up! They excited some and enraged others, all in a blaze of sonic frenzy.

Starlite Desperation debuted new songs and delivered the classics to the eager and new.

The Godoys pulled off an improv set of what was descrribed but not certain as "blissful post punk tension"? Consisting of members Sam James Velde (Bluebird/Cold Sweat), Pat Delaney (Villains), Rich Jacobs (Artist/Illustrator) and Gentry Densly (Iceburn/Form Of Rocket) the group had never played together til this night when they stepped on stage together.

All in all the marathon produced healthy fruit. ripe for the picking.

This Moment In Black History-Lit Lounge NYC 11/3/2006

The Godoys-Lit Lounge NYC 11/3/2006

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