Friday, November 16, 2007


The long overdue HEALTH LP will see the light of day next month! This limited edition (500), hand screened ditty will hits stores officially on Dec. 4 2007. Just in time for the holidays!

The band will have copies for their west coast tour in January 2008.

You'll need to contact your local store and make sure they're on order or head out to one of the shows to obtain this first pressing. Love Pump United will have some as well.

Thanks for your patience. Worth the wait!
We've posted an MP3 from the LP, come on by and give a listen.

"Healthy servings of tribal percussion, asymmetrical instrumentation, and animalistic curvatures make this band's noisy aggression effective, without the need for intelligible lyrics. The near-innocuous opening track of HEALTH's self-titled album, "Heaven," segues into the 36-second neurotic dissonance of "Girl Attorney," which picks up tempo on its transition into "Triceratops" -- a thrashing scourge of screeches, feedback, and gratuitous clanging reminiscent of Liars laced with a relief of a Deerhunter meditation. Not even six minutes into the album, and you are drawn into a mind-numbing sonic overload only sauntered by HEALTH's noisy predecessors." -SPIN.COM

-Cold Sweat Records

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