Monday, June 25, 2007


GET READY PEOPLE... were proud to announce our newest addition to the Cold Sweat family and our next release THE PHANTOM FAMILY HALO.

Repetitious psychedelic dreams give way to flickering space synthesizers, as Louisville, KY's The Phantom Family Halo dig deep to create something fresh and vital out of something old and glorious. Think Syd Barrett and Scott Walker jamming with Hawkwind or the 13th Floor Elevators in the height of the 'Krautrock' frenzy, or the Birthday Party subdued to play a rendition of "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.” Can you imagine? You don't have too!

The Phantom Family Halo are the product of millions and millions of hours in front of speakers, communicating off of the wave forms of 60s & 70s rock n roll music. Core members Michael McMahan (The For Carnation / Dead Child /Slint (reunion)} and Dominic Cipolla (Hookers / Sapat / Dead Child) have been jamming together for over 13 years and have no fear of angelic apparitions while walking past the skeletons of rock's multi-dimensional idiom. In fact it's embraced and cherished.

The Phantom Family Halo's debut long player 'The Legend Of Black Six' (on Cold Sweat Records) will put you in the cockpit of a journey into other worlds and dimensions of time. Harkening back to the trailblazers of experimental rock music, while fitting nicely within the nest of neo psyche brethren Dead Meadow, Entrance, Six Organs Of Admittance or Bright Black Morning Light. The Phantom Family Halo are the missing link to the past and future, rooted deeply in 'the now'.

Slip inside their house, it's recommended for good health and more hours in front of speakers.

THE LEGEND OF BLACK SIX will be released stateside on July 31, 2007.

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